State Advisory Council

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The State Advisory Council was formed as a result of your comments and recommendations on the needs of our VOADs over the past several years and National VOAD’s desire to elevate relationships with and increase the benefits to our VOAD network. The Council is a peer group of diverse VOAD leaders from across the US meeting the following criteria:

  • Representation from all 10 FEMA regions;
  • Level of expertise in VOAD, from newly elected leader to long-time seasoned VOAD member and leader;
  • Geographic: representatives from areas that are at high risk and low-risk of disaster and from areas that have experienced no disasters and too many disasters;
  • Be representative of state, regional, and local VOADs;
  • Be a present VOAD Chair/Co-Chair/President, one recently elected OR one who served within the past three years;
  • Possess demonstrated enthusiasm and commitment to the VOAD mission/movement;
  • Be willing and able to serve a two-year term on the Council.

The goals of the State Advisory Council include:

  • develop a new membership agreement between National VOAD and state/local VOADs (guidelines and baseline operating protocols) (including how state VOADs deal with local ones and disaster communication/reporting protocols)
  • develop a curriculum and schedule for regular, topical information/education calls for VOADs
  • develop a survey tool for VOADs to use to assess their organizational and strategic planning needs
  • State and Local VOADs will be able to create a forum for both short- and long-term value to their members, including:
    • an arena for communication and problem-solving; coordination, standardization, and synergies across units; help with challenges and the provision of resources for implementing strategies; access to expertise, and better ability to contribute expertise; more meaningful participation; more cohesiveness among local or regional participants
    • Tools to be created or updated include:
      • the update and expansion upon Design for Success, a guideline and roadmap for State and Local VOADs, complete with a resource library and technical support; the creation of a toolkit of templates, outlines and proven practices to serve as a starting point for new and developing VOADs; a Leadership Development Series for VOAD chairs and committee chairs to be offered annually at the National Conference
      • the establishment of a Strategic Planning Template and Workshop for State and Local VOADs .

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