Financial Contributions

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If you would like to donate to assist those affected by disaster, National VOAD member organizations are the best place to start.

Remember “Cash is Best”!

It is better to send cash donations instead of having to transport and store items at great expense. Quite often, survivors do not need or can’t use goods that are donated by generous fellow citizens. Organizations that receive unsolicited donations have to take time to catalogue and store such materials, which takes valuable time away from working on urgent needs.

Financial contributions made directly to reputable volunteer-based nonprofit agencies can also be used to purchase specific items identified as needed on the scene. Making local purchases helps the local community recover more quickly.

Donate through a trusted organization – See the link below to make a donation to the National VOAD Member of your choice:

National VOAD Members

Another way to make a trusted donation in support of those working to help disaster survivors is to support a State/Territory VOAD member. Each State/Territory VOAD can provide you with a list of its official members. The following link connect you to a listing of contact information for State/Territory VOADs:

State/Territory VOAD Directory

Member Access